4. What do the Inuit people wear?

Here is a list of items of clothing Inuit wear:


Inuit people wear caribou fur coats because they are the warmest you can get. Some are made from polar bears.

The coat is called a Parka. It is a thin jacket with fur facing outwards. It has a hood which is usually made from wolf skin.


The Inuit wear knee length pants made from caribou or polar bear skin. The trousers have 2 layers to make sure they are warm. Both kids’ and adults’ pants have an elastic waistband to hold their pants up.


Usually boots and shoes are made from fur. The boots are homemade and they go all the way up to your knees! Also, these shoes and boots have 2 layers like the pants for the same reason – to keep warm.


Inuit wear hats made of skin from seals. They decorate with beads made from different materials.

Inuit also wear mittens with holes for their thumbs.

They also wear goggle-like masks made from walrus tusks, antlers from caribou and bark from trees.

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